Weekly Summary 2023/49

Weekly Summary 2023/49

Hello everyone! I hope you're doing well.

Earlier this week, I published Where Is Mrs Peregrine?! Yay!! \o/ It felt nice. I enjoyed making it a lot (despite of various problems I encountered).

It feels very nice to see my itch.io portfolio growing a little bit more hehe. I can see my art progressing from wonky Pippa the Witchy and To:You. I can definitely tell that while the base of my art style remains the same, I feel like the faces I'm drawing is now less and less wonky.

I'm so happy to see this, I'm thankful for past-me who decided to impulsively make comics haha. I discovered that I enjoy making cute stories and drawing them. VNs happen to let me incorporate all of it, so I'm pursuing it now.

I scrolled back to older posts and I can see that I published Tuna Rice on the Weekly Summary 30, so Tuna Rice and Mrs Peregrine are 19 weeks apart! That's quite something!

I know that I don't do much marketing besides Twitter, I'm trying hard to juggle chasing BTS posts, calendar plans, commissions and working on Mrs Peregrine update, marketing works happen to have the least portion of my attention. Hahaha... *sob*

Where Is Mrs Peregrine? is very casual. It's purely made as how I like things to be: cute, soft, fluffy, and everything adorable. There were some parts that made me a little bit sad when I wrote it but I think it doesn't affect its fluff much.

If you're interested in seeing my favourite scenes in Where Is Mrs Peregrine?, I shared them here!

I'm glad the intention resonates to anyone who has tried it, at least, from what I've read. I know that cute slice-of-life stuff are on the modest side; it's not mind-blowing nor with hugely unexpected twists. It's just a little thing that will occupy a small corner in your heart, just a little ball of warm fluff that will give you comfort.

I hope I'm able to share you more of my creations with similar vibes in the future. I'm hoping that Blooming Chimes will be my next project. Please look forward to it!

Other things:

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  • Watching: Mahoromatic, it's very moe! I think the ecchi part is meh and unnecessary haha.
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  • Others: Still worried about my lack of time to do the calendar...

See you next week,
- Konayachi