Where Is Mrs Peregrine? is here!

Where Is Mrs Peregrine? is here!

This morning, I published Where Is Mrs Peregrine?! Yay!

The current version (v1.16) can be considered a demo, although the main story is finished! The full version (v2.x) with extra stories will be published as an update in near future!


"Mrs Peregrine is very precious to Maple. They're inseparable ever since the moment she was born... or so, that's what I heard.

For various reasons, Maple adores her. She is very, very, very cute... She really is! Nobody understands how absolutely adorable she is! She also works so hard! Do you know how cute she is when she's picking the tomatoes? She's really lovely, unlike Mrs Peregrine...

W-WAIT! I-I was definitely not talking about Maple!

*clears throat* Anyway, it's really chilly today, so I'm going to Maple's place to spend my day with her. Mrs Peregrine will be there too, I guess. She should be lounging on the porch – a boring, I mean, calm activity befitting her age and personality – as usual.

Huh? She's not there? Where is she?

Is she taking a walk somewhere? In this almost-freezing weather?? Isn't she in a bad health condition recently? Going out in this weather is really bad for her, she could even be in danger! Oh no! Maple's precious family member is missing... I have to find her!" 


  • Linear visual novel with no choices
  • Around 9,000 words (an upcoming version 2 with ~6,000 more words will come soon)
  • Warm and happy ending 💕


Mrs Peregrine is a random idea that came to my mind on one autumn day, 2023.

Also, the kind people who helped me a lot in making this:

  • Proofreader: ebi-hime (thank you for the kind advice and help!)
  • Beta tester, hand modeler: a family member who wished to be anonymous (thank you for lending me your beautiful hand for Cali's hand reference!)

Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart! I hope you enjoyed this silly little VN that I made.

- Konayachi