(1953) Favourite Mrs Peregrine scenes

(1953) Favourite Mrs Peregrine scenes

I'm still having post-publishing moment, so I really feel like resting although I've started to resume my commission works...

I'll share some of my favourite Mrs Peregrine scenes!

Flustered Cali

There are several flustered Cali moments in this VN. I love flustered people moment, it's extremely adorable. Does that explain my love to blushing characters? Haha...

I feel like it's such a raw moment of honesty that these people fail to conceal. These moments make me smile a lot... Obviously, I write tons about it.

Hold my hand

They hold hands... Lewd... >///<

I love hand holding moments, for me it even sometimes feels more intimate than kissing. I personally am a very fidgety person so I always have my hands constantly trying to do something (including destroying my fingernails) when I'm idle. Opening my hand to hold someone else's feel like I'm able to divert my fidgeting urge to holding someone's hand gently.

I am also able to somewhat feel the state of the person whose hand I'm holding. Is it tension or calmness? Is it warm or cold? I like to convey this in narration, because for me, indirectly describing their feelings by thinking about each other's hands' state feels more, um, how do I put it in words... 'primitive'?

I wrote about this a lot in Mrs Peregrine:

  • "Maple's hand is so warm and comfortable."
  • "Your hand is freezing."
  • "Our fingers are intertwined. They exchange warmth – though it's more like she's sharing hers with me."

H-Help me...

The moment proud Cali asked for a help is an adorable one. He's very embarrassed about the fact that he has lots of fear and he covers it a lot. But when he's in a completely helpless situation, he asked for her help, and she helped him.

I write such honest and peaceful characters, I must be writing fantasies hahaha. 🙇‍♀️

She's so close

An instance of "Flustered Cali", he's very conscious when his precious Maple gets really close to him. He's trying to hard to not hug her, smoosh her face, play with her hair and poke her cheeks; he does have interesting ways to show affection hahaha.

Leaning on you

They've known each other for years, and they've been good friends with each other, so touching each other and even some friendly hugs aren't new things for them. I made so that their "Leaning on you" moment here is natural and easy. It's not the first time they get this physically close with each other, although now that they have their feelings in check, this feels different.

I decided not to make Cali flustered in this, because I think he's already way beyond that. His attraction to Maple is already beyond physical, he just really enjoys her presence and being with her, doing lots of things together and having lots of fun.

Please let me do this for a while

There's a build up that leads to this scene. He's bursting with the feelings of affection towards her. Cali, who often sees himself as a nobody, feels appreciated by someone he cares and trusts a lot. He doesn't know how to show his gratitude to her, so he just gives her a big hug. Fortunately, she doesn't mind.

Also, I'm asking for your kindness, please appreciate this scene more: they are very sweet, aren't they? Don't they make you feel fluffy? They sure do, for me. ^///^ Oh, and I had a hard time drawing this properly with 3D models and lots of hand modelling hahaha.

Mrs Peregrine's shawl!

I don't know how it works, honestly hahahaha. I just felt like, yeah, she'll have a shawl... She's basically naked, isn't she?

Mrs Peregrine is very scrunkly here, I feel like redrawing her to look more dignified. Or I'll just keep her as is... She's just a scrunkly little old lady.

Most of these are character-focused scenes. I feel like these are the kind of tropes I love writing hahaha. They seem to reveal my taste...

Thank you for reading! See you,
- Konayachi