(1959) Art Summary 2023

(1959) Art Summary 2023

Today I made my yearly art summary graphic! I did the graphic myself since I'm too lazy to find the template:

The template was done fast since I don't want to spend too much time in this. I'm currently taking a break from a commission work I just did recently hahaha. 💦

This year I kickstarted my dev activity, more precisely since around March. Therefore there isn't many full illustration from April onwards, it's all VN art with a few exceptions.

  • January: Lena illustration.
    I played with gradient map in this piece. There were tons of experiments! It looked so painterly and nice!!
  • February: Lena and Kitty illustration.
    A leisure art. It was fun! I think it turned pretty soft as well!!
  • March: Pippa illustration.
    I put a lot of thoughts in this piece... I missed drawing her too! (I'm exploring some 'witchy/ mahou shoujo girls stories at the moment!!)
  • April: Chika doodle.
    A low effort doodle, as I kickstarted my dev activity and I was trying to find a balance between art and dev. I think I need to make character sheet for Chika haha!
  • May: Bell's panel.
    The month where I was actively working on Blooming Chimes for Otome Jam. I don't think I'll push Blooming Chimes for Otome Jam anymore since it will only be kinetic romance story. I love her nervousness and awkwardness here!
  • June: Haru's panel (this was done on the end of May, to be fair)
    I love him a lot in this one... An awkward person. My awkward and pure boy!
  • July: Hai's sprite.
    I did my best to make him ikemen. I wonder if I succeeded? Probably not, he's still quite moe hahaha.
  • August: Hai's small comic.
    A small and cute doodle of him... and the tiny little friend.
  • September: Kuku's sprite.
    A very fun project I partook: Eldritch Idol!
  • October: Kuku's illustration (fanart).
    A fun illustration I did for Eldritch Idol!
  • November: Cali's sprite.
    Cali's sprite for Mrs Peregrine... I love him so much aaa. A pure boy!
  • December: Blue Slushy Cookie doodle (fanart).
    A doodle break from other drawing works. I want to make a full illustration of her! One day hopefully!

Illustration, VN art, doodles and fanart! Everything is there!

Having to see everything in one glance is very satisfying! *o* );; Especially, I can see how the art shifted style at some point...

Past year's art summary:





I'm really curious to know how will my art evolve in the future!

See you!
- Konayachi