Weekly Summary 2024/09

Weekly Summary 2024/09

Hello... everynyan! ;w;

It was the leap year day, yesterday! It was sunny, warm, and lovely like Haru. That's why today's weekly doodle is Haru!

I styled his hair a little bit and omg I think his attractiveness is ⏫✨ by a lot?!?! I'm weak with this style... Blame my teenage days' K-Pop obsession ahaha 💦

Speaking of Haru, following what I wrote in this post, I'll finalise his birthday change from 11 March to 28 February. It was such a wonderful day: I was standing under one random tree in the park, watching the shimmering komorebi, with Was It Love playing on my ears. It was so beautiful.

It was also one day out of many where I feel so lost without my camera because I broke my 12 year-old one last year. I've been considering to get a new camera soon...

I'll also change Bell's birthday from 09 April to 08 April. It's an unexplainable decision; purely instinctive.

Blooming Chimes profile doodles

I did them on my sketchbook (2035, 2036, 2037, 2038) because of the weird headache I've been having recently, preventing me to see the screen for too long... My 6 year-old Sakura Pigma Micron pen finally retired after I sketched these pages. Now that I'm back to paper drawing more often, I can buy some more sketchbooks and pens.

Writing about them makes me miss my last year in high school. I wish I was more of a social butterfly instead of geeking about anime and K-Pop. I miss those days, and it's such a nice feeling. I'm putting a lot of nostalgic feeling in Blooming Chimes creation. I will also give them flip phones! I think it will be super cute!

I think Ozzy's sketch is my favourite, he's so beautiful:

BTS colour theme change

I tweaked Ghost's theme a little bit and changed the colour to be less saturated. I think it at least helped with my headache hahaha, though I like my yellow more. It's warm and fun.

Productive March!

February was a slow month for me, even when it's the shortest month of the year. However, today I woke up feeling good, had a good, long shower, sat down and wrote this weekly summary immediately after I arrive to my work desk. I'm feeling very motivated!

This month, I have even more things to solve IRL (tiring), make lots of appointments (scary), and plan countless things (not very fun, I'm not a planner person haha); so the commissions work have become the resting time for me hahahah 🤣 I need lots of power this month, I'll persevere and be strong. It will be really fun... Tabun... Kitto!

I'm feeling good! ( * ´ w`*)9 I hope you're feeling uplifted too!


Ah, I feel a little bit of fomo since I was certain since early February that I won't participate. It's such a perfect non-themed jam I could join to probably create a demo for Tortelette perhaps, but the IRL stuff that needs my attention is more important for me than the jam unfortunately, so I made the mature decision. I'll support others in their entries and play them instead. I have huge backlog, it's such a nice thing... So many people create so many awesome things! 🙌

Activity logs:

  • Listening to: Restart (whole album) - Kyuhyun (I'm a big fan of him for almost 2 decades now, wow...)
  • Reading: Blooming Chimes (I spent one day this week writing 6,000 words of outline for the second part, which I need to get done early so that I can round up my editing of the first part without weird plot-holes.)
  • Watching: Nagi no Asukara (the second half gets better buuut I still think the plot is a bit all over the place. I dunno. It's still moe though!)
  • Playing: CROB (for a little bit, though the new update looks really fun!)
  • Others: With slower activity online starting from this month until May-June, I hope that I'll be able to create more fun things later on!

As always, let's do our best!!

See you!
- Konayachi