Weekly Summary 2023/50

Weekly Summary 2023/50

Yahoo~! How are you doing?

We're nearby the end of the year, time flies really fast, doesn't it?

This week I started doing some flashbacks to what I did in the past year, when I made this art summary post:

Though my art style noticeably gets more simple, I had tons of fun making them. Because I get to draw so many expressions, it made me really happy aaa!

I finished some commissions and made small CROB fanart. My playing frequency decreased a lot since November due to so much work but I still have fun, and that's what matters right!

Mrs Peregrine's update is going, albeit slowly. I'm in the middle of coding the transitions and I'm having the least fun of it hahaha. I hope it will finish soon so that I can draw the things left and I think that's what I need to do! Oh, I also will have to go through the edited texts and merge it as well. I procrastinate in that... Ahhh...

I have a few things that I plan to do in 2024, I will announce it soon when things are settled. Probably at the beginning of next year, I suppose.

I will most likely not participate in any jam in the foreseeable future because of a few things that I've planned to do next year. Meanwhile, I'll pick up my work for Blooming Chimes! Yay! I'm excited!

Weekly Summaries no more?

So, I have this thought where I feel like discontinuing Weekly Summaries. D: It gets harder and harder to write one and I think I only repeat myself all of this time (which should be quite unpleasant haha). I couldn't imagine I used to write two weekly stuff earlier this year.

Therefore, I've decided that Weekly Summaries series will end by the end of this year. Which means, there will be two more of these posts before I stop making them.

Starting from 2024, my posts will only be about things I'm making and doing that day. Technically that's like more content, so it's a nice change, isn't it? Also, realistically it's not possible to have one fully crafted post every day, so many of them will be tweet-sized posts of doodles and stuff. I relieve the pressure to make proper posts, they will be short and sweet unless I have a lot to say hahaha.

Full illustration that will take me days will be posted in span of a few days. The finished one will probably be posted in two posts: hi-res view under the paid daily post tier, and low-res view as public post. I'm not organised enough to work with early access systems and most of my illustration are time-sensitive and seasonal, so making them early access (1-3 months in advance) doesn't make sense. The hype will also be long gone by then!

Other things:

  • Listening to: My Heaven - Big Bang (So nostalgic... Oh my God)
  • Reading: N/A
  • Watching: Mahoromatic season 2!
  • Playing: CROB!
  • Others: I'm doing my best. '-')9

See you next week,
- Konayachi