Daily Posts Format Changes + more things v2

Daily Posts Format Changes + more things v2

Hello hello! ^~^)/

I'll write down below some points of how it's going to work and my plans onward. I've been doing my BTS posts this way for a while, but since the daily posts format has changed significantly from the first change, I thought to make another post to document it.

tl;dr it will mostly stay the same! ^^;
I'm just simplifying a few things from the last change just to organise my disorganised mind hahaha.

Regarding Behind the Scenes:

  1. There will be lots of bite-sized posts! I think realistically it's not possible to write long posts on daily basis (even when the Fridays are for summaries), so I think making them bite-sized would be more fun and feasible. It also makes it nice and kinder for members who are busy IRL to be able to leisurely come here once every now and then and consume many posts at once instead of forcing them to visit daily to catch up with so many posts.
  2. The format of the titles are simplified! I no longer write the IP in the title, since there are tags that will do the same without lengthening the title and URL.
  3. I will share more timelapse videos again! I'll try to do this at least for full-illustration making, since I miss watching my video processes again. Yay!
  4. Weekly Summaries will have 'Activities' log! I'll write down what I watch, listen, read and such on it every week. It's more like a reminder for me of what inspires and keeps me going on that week hahaha. It can be very repetitive. 💦

For my main creative activities:

  1. My main WIP at the moment is Blooming Chimes! The script for the demo (as I planned) is done and I'm slowly editing it before passing it to a proofreader. Art is also slowly being drawn as well though I'm still not fully decided on how would it be.
  2. I'm (tentatively) open to start smaller projects on the side. My brain keeps inventing new ideas and I keep writing it down. I try my best to not start new projects constantly, but when I have a fully complete idea that's doable within reasonable amount of time (1-2 months) I may shift my WIP to this shiny thing...
  3. Sometimes IRL stuff prevents me from making and posting anything for a day or more. So, I recently started a new habit of sketchbook + pen doodling when I'm busy, so that I can still share things I do (doodles mostly) even when it gets really busy. With that, I started two sub-doodle tags: pose practices (where I do 30-second pose doodles) and scans (where I scan my sketchbook + pen doodles)! I think it's really fun as well!

Things that stay the same:

  1. [stayed the same] I'll no longer offer doodles for ko-fi tips. I recently revamped my commissions prices with bigger range (started from 20€) so it can be more affordable and flexible for those who just want very simple and quick doodles.
  2. [stayed the same] My social sites activities are heavily declining. In the past few weeks I tried to post more on Twitter/X, mostly screenshots of the doodles I've been making recently. It's fun, but I constantly find myself clearing the notification bubble and it was very tiring hahaha (my social energy bar gets shorter and shorter as years go by) I decided that being there constantly is not my thing, um, anymore.
    I used to love scrolling for hours. Life is more interesting in the past few years as I create so many fun things. That's a good thing, I guess. Or it's probably a privilege, I don't know. If it is, I'll make sure to do my best with it.
    Oh, and I also decrease my Discord servers' presence heavily as they can get extremely distracting (and it's really, really bad for my productivity aaah x_x;; I don't know how can all of these people interact daily and still be able to produce so many results, I can never...) so I decided that I'll just chirp in every now and then. I don't have much energy to socialise as much...
    I still answer to personal DM as promptly as possible, too.
    I think I may completely stop posting on any other social sites completely, as well. I'll just link my homepage and BTS on all sites I'm in.
  3. [stayed the same] I don't plan to do art live stream anytime soon. I think the fun things were overshadowed by the inconveniences (I share working desk with someone at home and he has lots of important work calls, so I don't want to bother him with my streaming activities). Doing BTS is much more relaxing for me instead without the demand of talking.

Importing old posts from other platforms

Yes, I plan to slowly import old posts from Patreon and Sponsus (where I blog before I move to BTS in 2023) here! Yay!

I think there are approximately 2,000 posts. Uh... Orz

It would be really nice if I'm able to archive everything here neatly. I plan to do it manually because I want to tag everything accordingly, so it will be a long process. Let's see how many years will it take me to do it. ^^;;

That's all I can think of. Until next time~

See you!
- Konayachi