Daily Posts Format Changes + more things

Daily Posts Format Changes + more things

Hello everyone!

After some thinking and seeing in the past few weeks how my daily posts work, I think I'll implement some changes in how I'm posting and making things. I'm doing these changes as I'm shifting my main focus in VN developing – my current 'sparking joy' activity.

Laying all of these down, they're not of a huge change or whatsoever but I'm writing this here as a milestone and/or bookmark of the change I'd like to remember when I'm looking back.

tl;dr, I will still post daily! ^^;
If I fail, there will be two posts published the next day. It already happens a few times, usually occurs when I spend my whole day fixing stuff in my code and then I go to bed very very early.

Regarding Behind the Scenes:

  1. Weekly Dev Notes will no longer be published. I just find it redundant to have weekly dev notes while I'm basically writing dev notes every day now. Weekly Dev Notes (previously Illa Café dev notes) were meant to be weekly 'reports' for myself to ensure I keep on progressing Illa Café since 2021. As I'm now allocating my energy and time fully on developing, my daily posts revolve around it. So, I don't find the need for weekly reports anymore. Basically, I now report daily instead of weekly. I'll have the same posts on Sundays as any other days (except Fridays since it's for Weekly Summaries).
  2. I'll revamp posts tags. I'll define better tags for my Ren'Py code trials, optimisations, dev-related experiences and add-ons that I like. I'll also merge some older tags which I thought I'll do a lot but as my focus shifted to VN dev this year, I stop using them. I'll do this slowly.
  3. Not as important as others, but I've been changing the format of the thumbnails and titles. They're now only screencaptures with a stamp I made in a rush instead of defined template (which was a huge time-waster). I also reformatted the title to [Title here] / [IP name] instead of my initial format [Title name] / [Tag]. It's my attempt to be organised and easy to navigate around... I'm naturally chaotic, so this is an attempt to organise my life.
    I'll still keep the number of posts/days at the beginning of the title, just a fun post marker/index.
  4. I'll no longer share timelapse videos. I don't have the time to process them anymore. I basically spend most of my time in VSCode, Ren'Py and Krita with 1,000+ tabs open in my browser. My processing power couldn't handle OBS on top of that. In addition to my limited resource and time, I don't think recording me programming and auto-reloading my Ren'Py window all the time to fix pixel-detailed stuff is very interesting after all.

Now, on the different subject, but still related to my online and art activities:

  1. I'll no longer offer doodles for ko-fi tips. Apologies in advance, but I no longer have the time to offer this. My ko-fi page will be utilised 100% for voluntary, one-time tips only. For monthly tips, I'd recommend you to sign-up here instead where you'll also have access to my daily posts. Meanwhile, I'll clear my ko-fi gallery in hope to not confuse visitors that I no longer offer doodles.
    Commissions are still open and they will be processed through personal invoices.
  2. My social sites activities are heavily declining, as a consequence to all of these things above. Therefore, I'll be focusing most of my publishing activities here. Additionally, I'll be interacting on some VN devs and artist friends Discord community servers. Oh, and also Twitter, if I have any energy left. (I always need at least 20 minutes to compose a tweet hahaha >.< it takes too much of my energy so I don't tweet a lot. I don't have social apps on my phone either.)
    Also, my other social sites are mostly for illustration and since I now fully do VN dev things, I don't know what to post there anymore. They somewhat become dormant now. I don't check them a lot to begin with anyway.
  3. I'll also halt any streaming activities for the same reasons: I don't have the time, sadly. While in past streams I had great time with amazing chatters, I unfortunately can no longer do this as my VN dev activity doesn't allow me to split my attention between my work and chatting. I'll still be open to the possibilities of me returning to stream when I can mindlessly draw and chat at the same time, some time in the future. I'll let you know.
  4. I'll revamp my static portfolio website with new information and formatting... I really don't have the time to. Another backburner plan, I guess.

In summary: Behind the Scenes still remains my main platform where I'm putting most of my focus on for online activities. Twitter and Discord servers are my means to socialise and meet others virtually. Even so, I can barely spare a few minutes a day to socialise. It appears that I've chosen work + enough sleep in the conscious sacrifice of socialising.

I'm spending my waking time lovingly developing Blooming Chimes and Illa Café. I'm learning as I go, and in the past few months I've learnt countless of amazing knowledge by divulging myself in development world. It has been everything fun, excitement and frustration – sounds like a great mix!

I really hope you'll have the patience and look forward to them together with me.

Thank you for reading. Let's do our best!
- Konayachi