Weekly Summary 2024/21

Weekly Summary 2024/21

Hiya! Everyone!

I'm feeling good today! ^-^ The sprained neck/shoulder was gone by the weekend, I went to several appointments, commissions work is ending (how many weeks have I been saying this... But it's really ending! Just a really slow march to the finish line aaaahh!!) and a few things are laid down in line, I feel good looking at them! I think things are once again within my grasp to organise.

This weekly doodle is, guess who? Aha, it's long-haired Chika!! If I can solidify my experimental story, I'll use long-haired Chika as the character.

Art stuff

There are lots of Chika art this week! I think I did it unconsciously since I've been mentally outlining this experimental VN, which I call experimental since I don't even know the title nor what it is about. It's really stoopid though.

This was a hard illustration to finish. I'm not entirely happy with her face because she's looking that ➡️ way and I'm used to draw charas looking the other ⬅️ way. Ah, it is what it is.

I think she's very cute, though!!

I also did a fun doodle break of Haru in the middle of my commission work. I used a pencil brush, which was also fun in its way.

Dev stuff

O2A2 2024 started a few hours ago, but I still haven't settled anything down haha, nor my decision to join it or not. I think it would be fun to join and materialise my experiment, but the idea is still to raw I'm not having an easy time cooking it hahaha. I'm stuck...

On the other hand, Tuna Rice Steam page is approved and I'm still gathering courage to press the "publish to Coming Soon" button because I'm a coward hahaha. I want to publish it at the end of this month, as a one-year anniversary of it published + a small artbook with some pages of manga of it. But doing all of that in a month, is that doable???

I don't have the answer to that...

Activity logs:

  • Listening to: no songs, have been having lots of chats at home while drawing!!
  • Reading: not exactly, but I casually peek through the shoulders of someone at home who started reading DDLC... Eeeeek 😭💀
  • Watching: (still) Yuu Yuu Hakusho
  • Playing: no games bcs I work so hard these past weeks!! 💪
  • Others: I've been drafting reviews for VNs which I finished in the past 4 months in my notes app... I don't know when should I send them all out 🥹

As always, let's do our best!!

See you!
- Konayachi