Weekly Summary 2024/20

Weekly Summary 2024/20

(I'm glad that I already drew this weekly's banner in advance so I don't need to suffer to draw them today haha x_x)

This is the twentieth weekly summary of the year! ^^ This week has been another nice and productive one, yay! My least favourite thing is that yesterday I probably(?) slept funny that I woke up unable to look to my right at all haha. Using my right arm also hurts, so I'm so sad that I'm mentally and physically very well to do so much work – except this damn neck and shoulder refuse to turn as they should. Oi!

Anyway, today I'm so much better, hopefully by the weekend I'm able to fully return to normal!

This week's banner is Ozzy and Haru, posing in front of camera. It's a super random idea, I just want to draw them in their summer uniforms. >w<

Art stuff

Look at this super lovely Pippa illustration I did this week! Aaa! ( ´ v ` )

Doesn't this illustration make you want to make the same expression as her? Hahaha... I sure did this expression throughout my time in drawing this. I'm happy. ( ´ w ` )

I get more comfortable with thinner lines (one of my goal!! Yay!!!) and more details in lineart because it's one of the most fun part in drawing illusts for me. I'm not as good in colouring hahaha so I did some tricks: patterns can create the illusion of detailed crowds to fill in the empty spaces! I think that's really neat!

Dev stuff

It's a week full of Pippa. I was working on her potential spooky VN outline last week, but I'll put it on the side first since I need to take care of other things now.

In a way, I think I start to get an idea of what's to write. After re-reading the plot over and over again, I think it's kind of lame... Hahahaha... I mean, it's cute and silly, just like all of my other projects... I want to make something different, but in the end, I'm the happiest when I'm making lame, small, silly projects – so I think the lame-looking Pippa's outline is the perfect way. 👌

I hope to share more of this soon, just to lock down a few things to help make sure that I have very clear scope of what to do in the jam. If it's not clear, I'd rather not start it. Not going to have last year's Blooming Chimes' stress in Otome Jam.

Activity logs:

  • Listening to: Paper Plane - FTISLAND
  • Reading: n/a
  • Watching: (still) Yuu Yuu Hakusho
  • Playing: n/a (unless you count Duolingo as playing hahaha)
  • Others: I'm learning to sleep quietly... Sprained neck is fucking hell...

As always, let's do our best!!

See you!
- Konayachi