Weekly Summary 2024/17

Weekly Summary 2024/17

(Written on 18 June 2024)

Hello everyone!

It's more of a calm week, work-wise it's been snail-paced (hence the slow activity in BTS) but I'm getting in there. It's a much slower progress than my standard, I can put the blame on hundreds of things but I'm not going to do that haha, but things are really happening beyond my control... Hoping I can conclude the rest of my work very soon '-')9

An exciting thing: my brain started to conjure new ideas! Aaah!

Art stuff

I did two fanart, it was really fun!

They have this semi-sketchy style where I kept the sketch layer on. It's really fun! The motivation to spend more hours in a drawing comes back. I hope I'm able to put that in actual creation process!

I want to create Twitter posts for them but it's so hard to spare the time to draft tweets recently. I didn't mean to stop posting on Twitter, but it's hard to justify myself posting on Twitter when I'm lacking behind on BTS, the platform I promise myself to post every day. >,<;;;

I want to catch up on everything this month so on July I can fully focus on my next project aaa!

Dev stuff

I fixed my Visual Studio Code!! I reverted it to the earlier version since the crash seems to be universal on their side for Linux build. Let's see if it's going to be fixed, though I'm not worried about it much anyway. The older version works just fine. Ren'Py's extension still has this bug which I reported months ago, though. Not fatal, but it's annoying when I have to pick-up colours on another app each time haha.

I wrote some ideas dump, more like writing down things I brainstormed recently here and here. New ideas are always so exciting!

I was considering to draft something based on a witch character I made in 2021: Pippa! She's an airhead witch that travels around the world, trying to do good deeds to people. For me it's a very weak premise but at the same time it opens to just all kind of stories, so I'm intrigued to find something spooky for her to star on.

Though, I want to redesign her. I want her to look really, really messy. Since she's an airhead, it's even better if she's also extremely tacky. In all honesty, I think the artist will have a hard time designing something ridiculous for her... Hmm... (cold sweat hahaha)

I'll slowly think about that! Spooky jam is still two months away, so I have a lot of time to brew. Um, I guess...? I'm still not fully committed to this, so if nothing I like enough comes by mid-August, I'll just cheer other participants and continue my Blooming Chimes progress! Yay!

Aaah! I really, really want to work on Blooming Chimes again as well! Also! Also! AAAH! (going insane) My co-writer and I recently discussed about Illa Café again, and that makes me go: aaah I miss them so much, I literally dreamt about them this one night – but we decide to not stress about that too much. I'll make it my motivation to live healthily for many more years, so that I'm able to work on it with much more experience.

Oh, and on the other side, I'll be updating Tuna Rice and Mrs Peregrine with new build soon. It's small updates to fix small stuff, and a new language available for Mrs Peregrine. Yay!

I'm super motivated to make more things because other creators make really cool things. I want to make cool things too! >,< I just need to fix my super fidgety mind and be more stern in focusing. Sometimes I need those moments of hyper-attentiveness... I need that... I care too much about too many things at the same time...

Activity logs:

  • Listening to: Killing Voice series by Dingo Music! ;-; I mostly listen to the ones I listened a lot in mid 2000s, so it's like a mini nostalgia trip for me hahaha.
  • Reading: n/a
  • Watching: Yuu Yuu Hakusho – I remember enjoying this show a lot as a kid, but watching it now in my age now makes me feel like, ah, this show is really for younger people hahaha. I still love it, but the spark isn't as much as how it's used to be.
  • Playing: n/a
  • Others: I feel the classic "how come it's June already" haha this year really flashes in my mind...

I've been too occupied to do the things I want to make time to every week, but it's okay. I'll make more time to do these leisure things again very soon!!

See you!
- Konayachi