Weekly Summary 2024/15

Weekly Summary 2024/15

(Written on 03 June 2024)

Hello hello!

I'm having a harder time than I thought readjusting to my usual routine of daily BTS posts and commissions work, so these posts are around a week-ish late. ;o; Nevertheless, it taught me a lot about personal expectations and managing time.

My wrist is more or less loosened up, so I've been doing lots of doodles! Yay! My brain also starts to be tempted to creating new stories, I think it's one of the most addicting part of creating: starting something! (Finishing it all the way is a huge problem itself...)

Art stuff

I doodled a lot of stuff this week! Some fanart:

And the photo doodles as well:

Dev stuff

I continued editing Blooming Chimes in my free time (which I barely had this week), so progress in this has been really slow. I still prioritise my commissions work, chasing up BTS posts and house chores. It's fine though, variety in what I do daily is what keeps me excited and motivated. 💪

I'm so behind in interacting on social network platforms, though... Networking and marketing is a part of dev stuff, right? I have no good excuse to abandon my socialising activities... Orz;;

Activity logs:

As always, let's do our best!!

See you!
- Konayachi