Weekly Summary 2024/14

Weekly Summary 2024/14

Hello again!! I finally resume my weekly summaries!! ✨

Since my return on Monday, I've been doing tons of things to get back to my routines, including:

  • loosening my wrist muscles (with lots of doodles).
  • doing lots of head-empty sketches to remind myself on how to draw things. I think I'm just a bit stiff, but I'm not back to my usual speed yet. Well, slowing down in making art isn't a bad thing though.
  • resuming commissions! The one plus month break was good because as I take a look at my WIPs, I see some weird colour choices... I have to refine them!
  • writing down tons of things, including refining and editing Blooming Chimes! ;A;)9 I want to lock down the plot and scripts as soon as possible so I can send it to proofreaders, only after then I can start working on its art!
  • when I'm not doing the above, I've been doing house chores as usual and thinking about my characters and more stories I can write into small VNs. Making VNs is addicting huehue uwu!

I'm still sorting out the photos that I took recently, but I doodled on some of them:

(2113) Walk in the park; I wrote small story of this scene.

(2114) Flower park, where I made a VN mock-up of them having a park date.

(I went to a lot of parks, so I'll probably share tons of park photos hahaha!)

That's not all, though! I also saw the coolest thing ever:

Giant Fluffy Kitty!! 😲

Anyway, BTS posts will still come in bursts as I'm trying to juggle so many things at the same time. Once I'm calmer with the usual routine, hopefully BTS posts will be more regular. ^.^

Activity logs:

  • Listening to: Heartstring OSTs!
  • Reading: Several VNs in parallel, also re-reading my Blooming Chimes as I'm trying to lock the story!
  • Watching: Soul Eater!
  • Playing: CROB!
  • Others: I planted small flowers in a pot! It gives me a reason to wake up early every day hehe! 🌱

As always, let's do our best!!

See you!
- Konayachi