Weekly Summary 2024/10

It's the tenth week of 2024!

Weekly Summary 2024/10

Hello everyone!

How is your March so far? I have thousands of things I need to solve and do, it's a bit stressful that I feel guilty by taking a break aaah...
I'm looking forward to seeing the end of the tunnel by the end of this month. 💪

In a way, I'm glad I decided not to join NaNoRenO or any nearby VN jams. I'm so busy... Aaah...

This week's weekly doodle is Pippa! ✨ I associate her with spring. It was purely unplanned, but the last time I drew Pippa was March last year too! 🌸 It's an unconscious thing my mind did. I like it~

Line extracting experiment

I've been making doodles in my sketchbook because of my headaches, but I want to colour them in my laptop. So, I did a small experiment to extract the lineart from the scanned sketch to clean lineart in Krita.

It's also Pippa! It's fully coincidental!

I'd say it's a nice experiment!

(I'll do more tests with more samples, when I know the method works nicely, I'll craft a well-written tutorial and publish it publicly!)

CROB fanart

I did more cute cookies fanart. I have so many CROB fanart doodles I have yet to polish, they're piling up... Another mountain I'm creating; wondering if I can finish them... ever... (depressing)

More small changes in Behind the Scenes

These will be small changes so I don't think it needs another standalone post. Some things I'll do more for BTS posts, from now on:

I'll write excerpts on all posts!

They're public, so you can have a glimpse of what the non-public posts are about. I think it's nice!

I'll publish separate, public posts for low-res illustration in addition to the paid-members only hi-res illustration!

It's a nice, back-up of my social media posts with date markers. Also, they're posted here right away and I may delay posting them in social media sites (only when I log in and have the energy to post aaa), so BTS visitors have that privilege to see them first!

I'll upload free, low-res illustration posts from the pasts slowly...

Activity logs:

As always, let's do our best!!

See you!
- Konayachi