Weekly Summary 2024/08

Weekly Summary 2024/08

Hello hello! 'u')/

This week is a slow one in art-production side. I post all sort of random doodles as a form to relax, although I wasn't really relaxing IRL: there are so many things to take care of in addition to the commissions work and a few important things, so I don't really have much energy left after the day and go to sleep at 22:00 hahaha. 💦

Our Secret Alliance fanart (2027)

It's probably my favourite doodle of the week. I love this webtoon so much, feel free to give it a try if you'd like! (Because of the daily pass, you have to use the app, sadly.)

I also did some paper + pen doodles which I scanned, and they're fun alternatives when I'm unable to open new canvas and draw 'proper' doodles. I think it's nice to just draw without worrying about fixing things (you cannot undo pen drawing anyway) though I couldn't help but to miss some digital features like moving layers around.

Sometimes, I just want to rotate that eye a little bit, you know...?

Bell meow meow doodle!

Is that... Kitty???

Oh yes! I drew Kitty Gijinka as today's weekly doodle! I still don't know how would Kitty look in human form, but he's everything kawaii basically! I think sailor uniform outfit would be so cute on him.

Since Kitty is Pippa's familiar (in Pippa the Witchy), I'd like to think that he can transform into human when it's convenient for him to. He's a chill, happy-go-lucky one.

I learnt a lot of male anatomy drawing thanks to Haru and Julien, so I think the doodle of Kitty's human version turned out pretty masculine. It's funny to see such cute face with masculine body, but would that be Kitty's weird quirk?

Activity logs:

  • Listening to: I Know - Seungri, IU (a very good nostalgic, lovely romance song)
  • Reading: All Ashes and Illusions! (slowly as I'm barely free, it's really dark, yet I want to keep going...)
  • Watching: Nagi no Asukara (it's very cute and moe but the romance is a bit out of place, but I'm only halfway so I hope to enjoy more later on!)
  • Playing: CROB (for a little bit)
  • Others: I'm trying my hardest to do so many things, but my mind sometimes struggles to focus, and the worst thing is that each time I do something - I want to do something else, like: when I'm drawing commission work, I want to write. Or when I'm editing Blooming Chimes, I want to draw. I don't understand why? I'm losing my mind hahaha... ;;; I think, the solution here is to put priorities, so I'll draw commission work, then edit Blooming Chimes. I hope I can finish everything by April.

As always, let's do our best!!

See you!
- Konayachi