Weekly Summary 2024/06

Weekly Summary 2024/06

Hello everyone!
This is the sixth weekly summary post! o^.^o)7

It was quite a slow week for me as I'm juggling between commission work and a few stuff I needed to take care of IRL.
I also did some more cleaning for the approaching lunar new year, just re-managed a few things around the house for better workflow hahaha.

This weekly doodle is Dragon Lena - the cute version of the illustration of her I was working on this week! ✨


They're very relaxing. I did them in conjunction to Blooming Chimes editing~

Dragon Lena illust.!

I'm going through this slowly...
I also did this in conjunction to Blooming Chimes editing. I tried to screen-record painting this with OBS as well!

Even more Blooming Chimes editing!

At this point I started to wonder whether I'm doing bad pacing in Blooming Chimes because it just keeps getting longer and longer hahaha 💦
It's now closer to 60,000 words, and I'm only almost-halfway editing the supposedly-demo version of Blooming Chimes.

I start to feel like I probably need to cut the demo even smaller. Or I need to do some kind of trimming.

Activity logs:

  • Listening to: Xylitol Nova Cookie Trial (I love it so much...)
  • Reading: Blooming Chimes (even more editing!)
  • Watching: Hazbin Hotel (it's super fast-paced!)
  • Playing: CROB (I miss Sand of Yogurca breakout and I finally can play it again now.)
  • Others: rainy weather makes it somewhat cold. I miss warm weather hahaha.

As always, let's do our best!!

See you!
- Konayachi