Weekly Summary 2024/05

Weekly Summary 2024/05

Hello everyone!
Welcome to the fifth weekly summary post~ How are you doing?

This week doodle is Lulu!! I noticed I don't draw her a lot, I wonder why.
Well, I think I know why... She's designed based on how I look haha so I'm very self-conscious about it.

(I hope it's not too weird that I've been drawing Illa Café charas while I put this project on the side for now.)

This week I'm clearing up few things, made fun and relaxing doodles, and doing my best in commissions work! 💪
The winter seems to end really early (I went out one day and I was sweating! Is it really January – the coldest month of the year???), it's surprising!

Mrs Peregrine extra art (finished)

I finally finished it! Yay!!

Full size in (2006)

I've passed the art to Jasson. He'll upload Mrs Peregrine OSTs some time this month on his channel! Yay!

Blooming Chimes sprite revisiting

I'm trying my best to make them look proportionally correct! I want to do a lot of things with this stories and I want to get the art style fitting for that.
Even when they're students by the time the story started, I want to treat this entire title as a young adult media.
So... I've been trying to "mature up" my art style a little bit. I'm getting there!

And a little pencil/watercolour doodle:

See more in post (2010)!

Commissions work

I started some sketches last month while finishing some leftover artwork I needed to do last month.
This month, I'm hoping to work on this fully and finish it I hope!

CROB Fanart

A tiny little cute thing:

Full size in (2008)

Citrus Squad is probably a new favourite of mine in CROB!

Activity logs:

  • Listening to: 神様のいたずら - 中島愛 (that Tamayura ED that caused lots of sobs!)
  • Reading: Blooming Chimes (more like editing haha)
  • Watching: Tamayura ~Graduation Photo~ (sob)
  • Playing: CROB (Simmering Syrup Sauna is super adorable!)
  • Others: I'm learning a lot this week about human and people's interactions. I write mostly about this in my stories so it's a very enlightening week! ❤️

As always, let's do our best!!

See you!
- Konayachi