Weekly Summary 2024/04

Weekly Summary 2024/04

Hello everyone!
It's another weekly summary post~ I hope your week has been nice and fulfilling. ^~^

This week's doodle is Sumi-chan! She's probably the sweetest, dere-dere character I made.
In a way, she's very similar to Bell, though she's more mature and calmer.
I love her a lot, I hope you'll look forward to meeting her when Illa Café finishes in the future!

Mrs Peregrine extra art

I've done 2 out of 3 for the extra art! (Search and Rest)
I may be able to finish it this weekend, then I'll jump to my next work right away!

They're very cute, I love them so much... uwu

Mrs Peregrine extra mini comic

A little burst of idea that I made!

I printed this myself (and it's slanted hahaha aaa) and I think all of the imperfections that I found when I see this on screen disappeared.
Printed artwork is very, very magical! ✨

Blooming Chimes editing

I started doing lots of editing and self-proofing of Blooming Chimes!
(I felt really guilty to the proofreader(s) of Mrs Peregrine because of my messy writing, so I'm trying my best to clean up my writing first before passing it to them!)

I start to brainrot more of Bell and Haru interactions. 🥰
They're super adorable augh~ ;w;)9 my heart melts~
I talked about this in the past: I put a lot of myself on characters I'm writing. In addition to make it easier for me to write about them, it's also interesting to write about them reacting about various things they encounter in the story.

The fun things are: I can very well imagine myself in their shoes and react just like how I would react.
The not-so-fun things are: it feels like exposing myself too much. Sometimes it's a bit uncomfortable haha.

I also changed a few details of the story and traits of the characters, also to strengthen the world-building to let the characters react nicely to the slice-of-life events.
I overthink a lot in this kind of things hahaha I just absolutely don't want future-me to change mind, which many times is the case.

I think part of my overthinking is that I need a big foundation to work on my Konaverse dream where all of my stories happen in the same world, focusing on different people.
Why did I decide to have this dream haha 💦 um, it's very fun though.

I'll do my best!

'Iyashikei' 癒し系

I just learnt the term Iyashikei (癒し系), which means (quoting Wikipedia):

It is a sub-genre of slice of life, portraying characters living out peaceful lives in calming environments, and is intended to have a healing effect on the audience.

Since I've been watching shows that happen to be under iyashikei genre (Tamayura, Kamichu!, etc.) and enjoying them a lot, I got to learn about this sub-genre more.

I feel like, most of my creations are actually somewhat in the iyashikei sub-genre as well? :O
As much as I love plot-heavy reads and exciting shows, naturally, in creating, I will create soft and cute things...
The four titles I have their stories established: Illa Café, Blooming Chimes, Tuna Rice and Where Is Mrs Peregrine – all have the slice-of-life, iyashikei feel on them.
These genres aren't particularly the popular and impactful ones, but they have special places in my heart. They make me so happy!

Activity logs:

  • Listening to: Fukai Mori 深い森 - Do As Infinity ("best ED ever" – everyone)
  • Reading: Blooming Chimes (I'm still dwelling a lot in this!)
  • Watching: Flying Witch (it's so calm!)
  • Playing: CROB (slower time as I'm more interested in doing other things!)
  • Others: I did a lot of cleaning this week! My working room is much cleaner and tidier now. I'm very happy~!

As always, let's do our best!!

See you!
- Konayachi