Weekly Summary 2024/03

Weekly Summary 2024/03

Hello everyone! How are you doing?

While it's not particularly a super productive week compared with the past few months, there were some small achievements! Yay!

(Please have this super attractive Haru's side view as this weekly summary's doodle!!)

2024 Calendar is finished!

In fact, the said calendar itself really just arrived to me like around an hour ago!! Wah!!

A heartbreaking thing: I only noticed a typo now 🤣 day 21 is written as day 27, and this applies to all pages hahaha aaa 💦
I don't think I'm able to charge anyone with this defective calendar...

Fortunately, I didn't print too many as it's way too late and I just made this just for the sake of yearly calendar streaks.
I'll just give this to some friends and family instead.

A wild new idea appear!

I don't remember if I ever wrote about it here. It's not Tortelette, it's a brand new one!
See how amazing my brain is, less than a month after I finished Mrs Peregrine, my brain already wants to work on something new.
(I want to finish Blooming Chimes first though! 💦)

I've been thinking about stepping out of my grounded ideas of slice-of-life stuff, so I explored some mythical characters potential: witches, angels, demons, and such.
Well, I have Pippa the Witchy but she's currently a really weak character with weak premises, so I don't have much to work on her, yet...

After discussing with my co-writer, we came across an idea of the daily life of a grim reaper at work. :O
There won't be romance (I think it's not applicable) and even when there will be deaths, I want to approach it as a completely normal thing. I mean, we all will die one day.
I want to brush this subject in a lighthearted way. I wonder how can I do that?
I don't know if I can do this the right way, I mean, I got emotional with characters' deaths on shows myself, so I probably won't focus on it way too much...

Also, since realistically, I only have skills to draw really cute characters and write cute and fluffy stories, so even with such topic, I will try my best to do it with my touch, which I hope will still be heartwarming!
(Or else, I won't be able to work on it because I'll just sob a lot lol...)

Human's life and death topics are always intriguing.
People perceive these things differently... I want to try to explore three possible point of views about this subject (not POV change gameplay).

I will just play around with this idea for now...

Before that! I want to continue working on Blooming Chimes after I finish with Mrs Peregrine's extra art!
I'll work on it at the same time as the commissions work left.

Activity logs:

  • Listening to: 君がいたから - Zard (Part of their album "Today Is Another Day", it's very nice!)
  • Reading: Blooming Chimes (I think it's a bit embarrassing to just plug in my own title, but I've been rereading what I wrote a lot this week to edit lots of things slowly before passing them to a proofreader)
  • Watching: Kamichu! (I don't understand why I find this show so funny... I love it a lot!)
  • Playing: CROB (slower time as I'm more interested in doing other things!)
  • Others: A few things went really well this week! I'm happy! I was also very sleepy on one afternoon, I had a nice, long nap... 🐱

As always, let's do our best!!

See you!
- Konayachi