Weekly Summary 2024/02

Weekly Summary 2024/02

Hello everyone!! How are you doing?

This week I'm taking things slow as a form of a break.
While physically I'm not making much, mentally I'm thinking about creating all the time, so it's that kind of productive week haha!

So, this week's summary:

More calendar illustration making!

This week's art making is full of calendar illustration.
They're on the modest side, so it's not taking much time but there are a lot of different consideration to finish them.

Overall, it's been plenty of fun, but once again I'm back to missing drawing colourful illustration and VN assets!
I think I may be going back to VN dev activity sooner than I thought!

Blooming Chimes writing!

Oooh! I wrote a few thousand words of Blooming Chimes yesterday!

The volume 1 is finished at close to 50,000 words, but I will probably already work on the extra story and volume 2 before releasing.
I wrote more lovey-dovey scene, which I planned to be somewhat 18+ rated.
There are lots of doubts about this, because making it NSFW means having to deal with lots of platform restrictions and other kind of things.

I contemplated a lot about adding this scene, but after talking with my co-writer whom I consult a lot with, we agreed that this scene is integral to their character development!
I mean, it's more like a nice way to explore how couples do things which I like and advocate, out of the countless way all couples in the world do.

It's more like wholesome lewd kind of scene, nothing porny at all.
I plan it to be more like two people really liking each other, they just really want to make each other happy and comfortable without shying away from any sexual desires.
I mean, it's perfectly normal and human!

I'm still writing around and probably will trim here and there, but it's probably going to be there.

More break!

This time, I really needed it physically... Orz
I got a few hours of Stardew Valley (back after two years I think?), finally got that last golden walnut, and working towards perfection.
I still don't know who to romance. I will probably go to Elliott because his house is so poor thing la hahaha.

Oh, and I started My Lovey Dovey Demon!

My Lovey Dovey Demon!

It's ebi-hime's newest wholesome romance VN!!

While I love me variety of cute and wholesome romances, I think BxG romance has to be one of my favourites (Mrs Peregrine is more than a proof of this hahaha).

Image is taken from its Steam page.

I helped in making some chibi cut-ins for this VN! They were super fun to do~
I haven't finished reading this, but I'm looking forward to finishing it! ✨
I'm taking some time every night before bed to read this.
It's been very enjoyable so far! Elisa is so cute. ^o^

Here are the handy links if you want to check it out: Steam / itch.io

Activity logs:

  • Listening to: Timeless - Zhang Li Yin / XIA (goodness, a song I used to listen 24/7 as a teenager *sobs* it gives me so much idea of something to write!)
  • Reading: My Lovey-Dovey Demon!
  • Watching: Tamayura... The later season is less heartbreaking, I'm glad haha!
  • Playing: CROB
  • Others: since it's the daydreaming week, I have a lot in my mind that I want to write down... Aaa!

As always, let's do our best!!

See you!
- Konayachi