Weekly Summary 2024/01

Weekly Summary 2024/01

Hello everyone!! Welcome to this year's first weekly summary! ✨

(I will continue making this, after all...)

I drew Chika for the year's first weekly summary to get her extra-joyous spirit all over us! I hope her cheerfulness can lift up your moods and spirits! She wants us to do our best and have lots of fun!

So, this week's summary:

Finally, the update to Where Is Mrs Peregrine? is released!

The huge burden in my mind was lifted! I'm finally free from this kawaii VN!! 💦 I'm very proud of it!! And I'm really happy that people left comments and saying they loved it too. Thank you very much, I hope this small story brightens up your day~

A break!! Finally!!

I didn't get any actual break in the past few months, so I consider the first few days of January as a tiny break (deep breath) I did some very kawaii chibi commission work as a form of a good, relaxing break. It was very fun!

Calendar illustration!

It's a long overdue work (02/13 so far; post 1981 and 1982), but I really still want to finish it. I know I will regret it if I skip it... So I'll go through this! I'll only print very few copies and just give them away to some friends.

I made a new list for art goals!

It's small, but it helps me when I want to look back and see how much growth I went through. I'm taking things quite slowly, so it's a modest list. But it's fun to look back nevertheless!

Activity logs:

  • Listening to: Remember Me - Gummy
  • Reading: Till Debt Do Us Part, I almost finish this. It's so adorable aaa!
  • Watching: Tamayura... Why is each episode making me sob wah!!
  • Playing: CROB & Stardew Valley (I finally bought it during winter sale, no more borrowing relative's copy! Yay!)
  • Others: excited for calendar's work and more of others!

Let's do our best!!

See you!
- Konayachi