Weekly Summary 2023/48

Weekly Summary 2023/48

This week's weekly summary will be a quick one since my mind's been too full in trying to solve Mrs Peregrine's problems last minute.

So far, how things are:

  • Sprites have all been implemented! ✅
  • Backgrounds are 90% done! ⏱️
  • ATL has been implemented! ✅
  • BGMs are in the process of syncing (as I want to play with the volumes), and it should be implemented by this weekend! ⏱️
  • The rest of the GUI is being worked today! Exciting! ⏱️
  • I started creating Mrs Peregrine's itch.io page, I don't think I'll make it too fancy, but at least I'd make it legible and easy to look around. (Also because I'm not funny and I don't understand memes haha) ⏱️

The deadline is on Monday, at dawn so I absolutely want to push this before my bed time.

My progress isn't good on the last week considering I had a very good progress on the first week of November hahaha. Things happened. I'll write about it more on another post.

Let me push on this one more week, then hopefully things will slow down next month... (I've been saying this since September hahaha)

Other things:

  • Listening to: Hokago Tea Time
  • Reading: N/A
  • Watching: Re:Creator (the first show of its kind that I ever watched, it's interesting)
  • Playing: N/A
  • Others: (a bit of a sad news) looking at the date, I was wondering if I should push for 2024 calendar making or not... It's really late in the year. Oh no, thinking about it makes me so sad...

See you next week,
- Konayachi