Weekly Summary 2023/45

Weekly Summary 2023/45

Hello everyone! How have you been?

This week I was yet swamped again with lots of things I need to take care of in addition to commissions and IRL things, so it's been so so so busy! On my free time I progressed with Mrs. Peregrine so it's been very fun! I hope you don't get bored of me saying how fun things are! >w<

As I progressed through the writing (and Ren'Py at the same time) - I started to plan for the visuals as well. Things add up and I started to have fear of art creep! Yabai! There are these scenes of 8 different positions of them hugging ever so sweetly and I wanted to draw them all ahaha... Help!

Mrs. Peregrine is a comfort project (Blooming Chimes and Illa Café too! Ah, and Tuna Rice too!). I'm making everything I love: soft relations, cute scenes, heartfelt talks and more... I'm not using any writing/story-telling guidelines and just make whatever I like haha. It feels so adventurous, but I think this kind of freedom allows my brain to create just whatever, which in return, helps me in being so productive in terms of writing and drawing. And I'm thankful for that.

On the downside, I think, it may look like a mess, and probably very light in plot. Well... Not that it's a problem though. Even so, it makes me really happy and I'm very proud of what I've been working on so far. I think, at the end of the day, that's what matters – I'm my own #1 fan hahaha.

Story wise, I'm currently a bit stuck of the Extra #2 for Mrs. Peregrine but I have more than a month to figure this out as it's intended to be released on Winter Jam. Art wise, as mentioned above: I start to have this toxic art creep haha I need to calm my arse down. Programming is running normally as I'm mostly only using Ren'Py's basic stuff without any of the fancy stuff.

This week's activities:

Other things:

  • Listening to: Where's the Truth - FTISLAND (the entire album) again!
  • Reading: N/A (I mostly write instead of read; for the next two months)
  • Watching: I finally finished Higashi no Eden and it's a very nice show! The ending is hmm (small disappointment haha) but overall it's a very enjoyable show I couldn't put down.
  • Playing: Cookie Run OvenBreak (I barely run, still no time...)
  • Others: I've been so busy so I haven't much time thinking about other things, but it's been fun! As always! (apologies that it sounds pretty repetitive haha)

Thank you very much for reading!
- Konayachi