Weekly Summary 2023/43

Weekly Summary 2023/43

Hello everyone! How are you doing?

This week my mind shifts to Ms. Peregrine a lot hahaha... Oh no, how to finish the calendar... *cries*

In posts 1909 and 1910, I talked about my overall plan for Ms. Peregrine. It will span in three parts: main part, extra 1 and extra 2. The extras will be locked until the main part is fully gone through. I'll release only the main part for Nove Jam, and then the extras for Winter Jam, at least, that's my vision.

I doodled more things, updated outfits in 1907, small CG tests in 1908 and 1909, and a GUI test in 1912.

I still try to ponder about the system. I always write in first person, so it usually makes sense if MC doesn't show. But! I never have self-insert intention. I want readers to detach themselves from MC. Also, I'd really like to see the MC, so I'll draw MC sprite. Problems arise when I will start to implement multiple POVs. I think this is going to be a bit complicated. I don't want to overthink this, but I think this is a small problem that can be a can of worm (of experience) if not tackled properly.

Ah, I think I overthink this... I have no idea.

Since Nove Jam will start in only a few days, I also tried to tell myself: I want to post more publicly! Ahhh how many days have it been since I post anything on SNS? Marketing is probably the thing I cut loose. I should pick it back. Please grant me strength, my cute OCs.

Other things:

  • Listening to: Mune ga Dokidoki (so much nostalgia oh my god)
  • Reading: I still had no time to read anything! *cries*
  • Watching: Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-Chan (a wtf show)
  • Playing: Cookie Run OvenBreak (I barely run, still no time...)
  • Others: Ghost (this platform)'s latest update changed the settings interface to a really bad, sad look (from admin view). I wanted the colourful interface... Now they're all plain and monochrome. Many in the forum expressed similar thoughts, like this for example.

Thank you very much for reading!
- Konayachi