Weekly Summary 2023/39

Weekly Summary 2023/39

Hello everyone, and happy mid-autumn festival! 🌕🥮🎑

Can you see the full moon today? I hope it's a beautiful sight, wherever you are!

This week's activities:

I've been catching up BTS posts and several illustration I'd like to finish by this month, still very tired...

I think, the next time I'm going to be away from my desk for trips I'll just either (do my best to) schedule posts in advance or I'll take an official break for BTS until my return. The latter is probably the most realistic option, but I kind of want to push myself a little bit and schedule many little posts while I'm away... Hahaha.

Other things:

  • Listening to: n/a (I'm so tired, I had 0 mood for BGM...)
  • Reading: Rumor Has It (I enjoyed the angst and romance! Lots of blushing... Very cute!)
  • Watching: JoJo's Bizzare Adventure S4 (probably the weirdest protagonist I've encountered in this franchise...)
  • Playing: Cookie Run OvenBreak
  • Others: I'm very tired, I hope the autumn chill can rejuvenate me! ^o^

Thank you very much for reading! Let's welcome autumn and the chilly breeze, stay warm!

Take care!
- Konayachi