Weekly Summary 2023/33

Weekly Summary 2023/33

Hello everyone! Welcome to the thirty-third weekly summary of the year. How have you been this week?

I think in the past few weeks I'm mostly doing side works and commissions; so on dev side I'm going really slowly. Lots of +1 XP moments happen when I'm doing these works, so it has been great! I'm doing my best!

This week's activities:

  • After seminar date doodle (1837) is a visual doodle for one of the scene in chapter 2 of Blooming Chimes.
  • Ted and Julien's relationship (1838) is an alternate universe of Illa Café where they both decide to be in a relationship. I was just reusing my male characters as I'm practicing men drawings and I made them be in each other's comfort.
  • Bell and Bellflower Cookie doodle (1839) – one of Bell's character idea came from her!
  • After shower (1840, 1841) – a small relaxing doodle (or illustration?) of them having a warm and fluffy day together.
  • Don't bully doodle (1842) – is a doodle for me to pin down Haru and Bell's characters and personalities in their gestures, unspoken!

I'm doing my best to make my male characters to look masculine and less androgynous, as intended! I think working on their eyes and face proportions is the main key for this. I'll work harder for the aim of them looking as how I envision them to be!

In this weekly summary's doodle above, I'm trying my best to make Haru more masculine! He does look older; but he's 18 in the beginning of Blooming Chimes, so it works very well! I'm embracing my art style for adult characters >///< I used to be so self-conscious about them. As all of my characters are adults, this is a challenge!

There are lots of things I'm thinking to explore for Illa Café and Blooming Chimes too! Although I have not the time and availability to do it, I'm writing it down to do it the moment I'm free:

  • neutral or third-person narration (not as the main thing, but as needed) – need research!
  • instead of having lots of vision (and getting overwhelmed by it), I'll reverse my way of thinking by starting small and add things onwards!
  • (probably) start to talk more about these projects in public; such as Twitter or Discord to gain awareness? My confidence is small about this as I'm a beginner and everyone else is amazing, but I think again: if I'm not the one hyping up about my creations, who would? This thought gives me lots of encouragement! ^o^)/

Other things:

  • I *may* have secured one potential 2024 calendar theme. I want to make lots of background scenes and characters in it. So, it will be similar to 2023 one, but more about the city, house and the life in it. I'll have to brainstorm this.
  • I want to finish my works fast so I'm able to start playing the VNs that I bought on the recent Steam Festival. I tried Coffee Talk for a few minutes, it's looking interesting so far!
  • It's the first time I'm putting my commissions status on waitlist instead of open! I may still accept small commissions; but I'm reserving time and energy for upcoming works that will span on in the next 1-2 months! It's very exciting!

As usual, thank you for everyone who's joining me here this week! I hope your weekend will be lovely. Take care!
- Konayachi