Weekly Summary 2023/32

Weekly Summary 2023/32

Hello everyone! Welcome to the thirty-second weekly summary of the year. How have you been?

This week I settled on a better working plan for me. I wrote a more lengthy post yesterday about this, in summary:

  • I won't solely focus on one project either Illa Café or Blooming Chimes anymore. I'll work on one at a time, and I'll shift to either project as I see fit.
  • I'm not aiming for Illa Café release on Winter Jam anymore, since I aim it to be for a commercial release.
  • Lastly, I'll be (tentatively) open for participating in any interesting jams for +1 XP! For smaller scope jams, I may do solo; otherwise, I may find a team; or I'll skip and continue working on either Illa Café or Blooming Chimes.

Although vn deving is my main activity at the moment, I really want to be able to make some time in making illustration and render some of my past doodles. I'll see what I can do about it. ^~^)/

This week's activities:

  • I spent a few days dumping mental sketches of Tuna Rice's comic doodles! (1830, 1831, 1832, 1833)!
  • I wrote Tuna Rice's postmortem (1834) » this is a public post. It was interesting to lay down what I went through. Overall it was a fun work!
  • I wrote my working plan onward (1835) in this post. I'll be balancing between arting + vn deving.

I'm looking forward to being more productive next week; finishing some lining stuff to do and continue working on Illa Café or Blooming Chimes!

In post 1835, I drew the protagonists of both Illa Café and Blooming Chimes as a way of me embracing both of them. Then it dawned on me that they both look so similar?! Bell and Julien could both be siblings indeed! Unfortunately it's not the case, though. Although Illa Café and Blooming Chimes are from the same universe; they're unrelated, nor that I think they'd ever meet each other.

Other things

  • I'm having a small but growing panic in the corner of my mind: I still haven't secured any concept for 2024 calendar. ;A;)
  • The latest Cookie Run Ovenbreak's update is so lovely: Cappuccino Cookie is so cute!
  • Steam Visual Novel Fest started! I'm putting a few things on my cart, hahaha! ^o^)/
  • I look back at my recent doodles and it dawned on me that I've drawn more males than females recently! Waa! It's very fun!

As usual, thank you for everyone who's joining me here this week! I hope your weekend will be lovely. Take care!
- Konayachi