Weekly Summary 2023/29

Weekly Summary 2023/29

Hello everyone! This is the 29th weekly summary of the year. I hope you've been doing well!

This week I did lots of scripting for Blooming Chimes! It's an interesting approach! Details below:

Blooming Chimes progress

  • Writing: Only a little bit rewriting of a small scene to match the flow of the visual!
  • Programming: I learnt how I can do panelling without redrawing special sprites for it most of the days this week! (1812, 1813, 1814) I don't need to create so many custom sprites, I can use my default sprites to make as many panels as possible! This is very exciting!
  • Art: A doodle that I did here (1810) and a mock for the panelling (1811)!
  • Audio: N/A.
  • GUI/UX: N/A.

I randomly worked on one of the Blooming Chimes' winter scene. It's a very interesting scene I'd like to see it in action early!

I also tried to doodle some new faces for the sprite but they don't seem to be very similar to the original sprites. So... For more facial expressions, I have to work around the original face of the sprites instead of drawing from scratch again.

Oh! I almost forgot! I broke Blooming Chimes' build completely on Saturday (1809) ;o; I pressed Change/Update GUI menu on the Ren'Py menu and it broke the build completely. I didn't want to spend too much time on troubleshooting so I just created a new build and carry all the contents to the new build, set-up new git extension branch and made sure that all works well before continue my work.

Other things

  • O2A2 2023 started! I drafted a few outlines but I'm not fully happy with them yet. It's supposed to be a low-pressure jam so I won't put full time on it and will still work on Blooming Chimes most of the time. If I come up with an outline I love, I'll turn it into an entry if the time suffices. If not, then we'll move on! I think I just discovered a weakness of mine: I cannot write short stories. XD
  • This week's playlist is ZARD! Especially いつかは (Someday):
Baby Baby don't you cry
残された日々 夢を見させて
あとどれくらい 生きられるのか

Small announcement

I've decided to no longer send weekly summaries in email! I'll send emails about project release and resources that I write instead; which will be more rare. I hope it will be higher value and quality for the emails that I'll send to everyone!

As usual, thank you for everyone who's joining me here this week! I hope your weekend will be lovely. Take care!
- Konayachi