Weekly Summary 2023/26

Weekly Summary 2023/26

Hello everyone! How are you doing? I hope this week has been lovely for you.

I had lots of errands to do this week so my Blooming Chimes progress is slower. I shared some doodles that I did the week prior to test my new drawing tablet and also scripted some new scenes. On busier days, I re-read the entire Blooming Chimes to have another feel of the flow of the story and rewrote some dialogues for improvements. Little works here and there.

Blooming Chimes progress

  • I drew Bell's bedroom in post 1788. I had tons of fun filling in furnitures while thinking about her: what would she own? How would she arrange things?
  • In post 1789, I tested the bedroom background with placeholder sprites and it looked so good I'm so happy at what I'm seeing!!
  • A doodle day! I drew another emotional Ozzy and Bell scene in post 1790!
  • Another doodle day in post 1791! I did this to test my new drawing tablet. It's really the very first doodle that I did.
  • Another doodle day in post 1792 where I tested the drawing tablet.
  • I continued the progress in scripting Blooming Chimes in post 1793! Chapter 1 is, um, more or less halfway!

Testing scenes is now more fun as I start to finish them. The visuals are there in front of me instead of in my mind. It's taking shape!!

Psst! I have a confession: this week I also wrote around 100 lines of Blooming Chimes chapter 5. The "volume 1" will end in chapter 4, but I was thinking: what if I just draft a little bit of chapter 5? The concept already lingers in my mind for a while already, so I wrote... a little bit... and more... Yeah. It happens. ^^;

I also had some discussions with a friend about Illa Café. We discussed about the plot a lot some months ago and recently we discuss about this again. My original plan was to resume Illa Café in July (is it tomorrow? Oh my!) but I want to continue Blooming Chimes for now, so Illa Café will be dormant for a little bit more. This doesn't close the possibility for me to resume to Illa Café, of course!

Other things

  • I changed the Behind the Scenes stamp for the thumbnails, now it's Kitty peeking hahaha. This stamp somehow doesn't break in Krita so it's a good win! The previous one broke in Krita I have no idea why.
  • I play Cookie Run: OvenBreak in my resting time, and I really love the latest Season 8 updates! ✨ My first maxed legendary cookie is Sea Fairy Cookie and I'm glad that she's buffed.
  • I started watching JoJo's Bizarre Adventure recently and I had lots of ??? face all the time. It's bizarre... indeed... XD
  • I'm back to FTISLAND this week! Rocking songs for the summer heat! Paradise is very fun to listen to and sing along when I'm doing me chores~

Thank you for everyone who's joining me here this week! I hope your weekend will be lovely. Take care!
- Konayachi