Weekly Summary 2023/17

Weekly Summary 2023/17

Hello everyone~ We're at the seventeenth weekly summary of the year! How are you doing this week? All is good, hopefully!

This week I'm having tons of brain vomit for Blooming Chimes' doodle concepts. It's a sketch-heavy week to get all of these creating excitements! I'm still taking things easy to make sure I don't overwork my wrist (it complains when I do).

Art Posts

It's a week full of Blooming Chimes. I drew tons of doodles of them:

Dev Note #51

I reformatted my Sundays Illa Café dev notes, now it is just general dev notes. It can talk about Illa Café or Blooming Chimes (or any game jams I'm joining basically, but I think I won't join any short ones anymore unless they allow not-from-scratch works as I want to work on Illa Café or Blooming Chimes!).

This week is the kickstart of Blooming Chimes, basically. I stole, um, I mean, had a head start in writing their script in the middle of finishing Enigma of Hearts. It's surprisingly so, so fun to write about them, I've raked around 13,000 words alone. 😳

I didn't want to make this a big one to get it done in June but I couldn't cut corners. Writing them has been super fun and lovely, I'll only cut it short if I couldn't make it till the last minute. Otherwise, I'll just 加油 (add oil) and do my bestest! 😤

I have a small but creeping fear that I'm a bit too optimistic for this deadline. But if I were to fail, it's still fine. These months I've learnt way, way more than I would have without these jams. I'm glad for whatever progress I'm making, I'll keep working on this regardless as I've loved them very much already!

Other Things

  • I've finally received the final part of Enigma of Hearts from the writer of my team and 🥹💔 I'm touched. I hope I can justify the story with my sprites art and the way I make things around. I'm really looking forward to showing the final version here!
  • Blooming Chimes are slowly making its shape (in writing, and some concept doodles). I have my best friend beta-reading the script for me and it's so far so good! Some interesting reactions and laughters (which slightly confuses me as I don't write comedy, but I guess, that's how I see life).
  • I had some art style shift this week! I went from a little bit more detailed to sacrificing the details for more simple-yet-clear facial expressions. I want to see how it goes~
  • This week's playlist is FTISLAND 10TH Anniversary ALL TIME BEST / Yellow; my favourites are: Haruka, Freedom, and God Blees You. 🥹🎵 These rock songs are super fun to listen to while writing Blooming Chimes~

Thank you everyone who joins me this week. Let's do our best again next week onwards! Have a good weekend!
- Konayachi