Weekly Summary 2023/11

Weekly Summary 2023/11

Hello everyone! This is the eleventh weekly summary of the year! ✨

It is a week full of fanart making for me! 🌸 I consider it a good break to refresh myself for my visual novel works.

Looking back, I've made:

11 March: (1683) Miku's Day 2023 / illustration

This was for Miku's Day on 09 March; same day as Lena's Day.

Low-res, public version:

12 March: Illa Café Dev Notes 45

I'm back to baking GUI for Illa Cafe. I'm leaning again on stylised, themed GUI. In this post I shared some mock-ups for the start page and textbox (as shown here).

Very basic and I used shape tools haha. I think I should hand-drawn them instead.

13 March: (1685) Hana-chan / sketch

I'm making sketches for Hana-chan's yearly illustration on this day.

14 March: (1686) Hana-chan / sketch 2

Another sketch I made for Hana-chan's day. I'm liking it!

15 March: (1687) Hana-chan / lineart, wip

It was a very slow day for me, so I only halfway lined this sketch.

16 March: (1688) Hana-chan / illustration

I finished colouring Hana-chan's illustration! I'll make this public on 25 March! 🌸

Aside of art stuff, I'll start sharing bullet points about my ongoing project(s) and other interesting stuff in these weekly posts as well!

  • Illa Cafe - on dev note 45 I wrote about another GUI brainstorming. This week I'm brainstorming something different: I'm going back on my writing, checking its grammar and the flows of the story.
  • April Jam 2023 - a VN jam I joined earlier this month. I've been curious about joining VN jam but I hesitated a lot. At the end of February, something picked my curiosity - I really wanted to try it! It was too late for me to try finding a team for NaNoReNo (and I don't want to go solo as I'm juggling with Illa Cafe and other things) so, I joined April Jam 2023 instead. I'll share more things in April as it starts!
  • I watched an interesting stream from Fernando Gonçalves: Realism in Fantasy! He explained various interesting things regarding fantasy writing, the charts about high and low fantasy, soft and hard fantasy (I love charts) and many other interesting things. Feel free to check his channel out if you want, he streams bi-weekly every Sunday!
  • Lots of DAVICHI listening as my background music for this week! 그냥 안아달란 말야 Just Hug Me is especially lovely.

Thank you everyone who joins me this week. Let's do our best again next week onwards! Have a good weekend!
- Konayachi