Weekly Summary 2023/07

Weekly Summary 2023/07

Hello everyone, how are you? Welcome to the seventh weekly summary of the year!

There are lots of things I'm working on behind the scenes this week. Many didn't even make it on this Behind the Scenes platform (it is a strange irony) - but I reckon today is a good day to sum them up!

11 February: (1655) To:You / illustration

I want to softly celebrate the release of To:You short comic one year ago, so I wanted to do an illustration of them. I really want to do more things for their story and universe, one day perhaps!

12 February: Illa Café Dev Notes 41

I finalised Illa Cafe staffs' winter outfits! Last week I spent the days sketching their outfits, it was really fun unexpectedly.

13 February: (1657) Commission / sketch

I sketched a commission for a client! It is a cosy illustration with summer vibe~ Also, it's my first time in a long while where I draw Pokemon again!

14 February: (1658) Commission / lineart

I did the lineart for the commission. I used Pointy Pen from my Daily Brush Set, it is a very fun brush!

15 February: (1659) Commission / illustration, wip

I did the base colour for the commission on this day. I colour picked everything based on the reference and 'feel'.

16 February: (1660) Commission / illustration, wip

I worked on the colour details for the commission on this day!

So, I spent the week mostly on a commissioned work ~ it is very fun on its own way! Lots of skills XP ⬆️ and various decisions are made.

Also, when I was not working on the commission, I brainstormed Illa Cafe's GUI. In summary, these things are the ones that I mentioned before, didn't make it to any Behind the Scenes posts this week, just because there isn't an appropriate time to insert them in any posts. I've been juggling this in addition to the commission. 😃💪

I humbly admit I have 0 GUI skills, so I frantically scrolled on Steam to see how other VNs look like for ideas. I ended up with countless new VNs on my wishlist hahaha.

I am mostly torn between an original style to establish Illa Cafe branding vs basic GUI. At the same time, knowing how fickle minded I am - this is a very dangerous feat as I change my mind every other week or so. I cannot afford to keep redesigning the GUI, it would screw my schedules (as if I have any hahaha), but my biggest fear is that I waste my time on such a small matter instead of using those wasted time doing bigger things like drawing background and such. Hence, my strong consideration to basic GUI.

Today I did a little bit more sketches for GUI, picking some elements from my pre-prototype that I did in 2021. Illa Cafe is supposed to be a comfortable place, so I want something more homey, wooden motifs and off-white paper feel. I avoid textures on the GUI because I don't know if they would compliment or overwhelm. I believe in "less in more" in a project I'm visiting daily...

Anyway, this brainstorming self-talk shall be continued on the next Dev Notes. 😃

Thank you for reading! I hope you'll have a nice weekend.
- Konayachi