Weekly Summary 2023/06

Weekly Summary 2023/06

Hello everyone! Welcome to another weekly summary~

I refined the outfits of Illa Cafe staffs this week and they made me happy!

04 February: (1648) Ellie / doodle

It is Ellie's doodle, made as doodles set from last week's batch!

05 February: Illa Café Dev Notes 40

I summarised my outfits work in this post, although I refined the details of the outfits deeper in this week!

06 February: (1650) Chika Winter Outfit / doodle

Chika's winter outfit is here! Lots of ribbons and cute laces.

07 February: (1651) Sumi Winter Outfit / doodle

Sumi's outfit winter is with lots of layers, very comfy looking!

08 February: (1652) Lulu Winter Outfit / doodle

Lulu's outfit winter is very casual and fits her very well! She's fine with the cold winter so she has less worry about layering.

09 February: (1653) Ellie Winter Outfit / doodle

Ellie's winter outfit is very stylish. Nicely layered with good patterns!

Making female outfits are so fun! I will make Julien and Ted winter outfits next. I'll be looking at k-drama stylish winter coats as inspirations haha!

I also have been going through the script I finished some time ago and started cleaning up some unnecessary dialogues. At the same time, I'm going over through the chapters and continuing the storyboards. ✨

Thank you everyone for joining Behind the Scenes this week! I hope your weekend will be enjoyable and let's do our best again!
- Konayachi