Weekly Summary 2023/05

Weekly Summary 2023/05

Hello everyone! This is our fifth weekly summary of the year! ✨

An update from last week's weekly summary: I finally finished wrapping up the last part of Illa Café initial writing and scripting! 🥹 It felt so good, but at the same time, when I look from afar it appears like I've only done the first layer of work out of hundreds... 🥴 Well, one step at a time, I guess!

There are so many doodles done this week; I've been doing lots of brainstorming for Illa Café — more storyboards, art style, outfits and so on. I'll dedicate this month to finish the entire 14 chapters (11 out of 14) of storyboards, it takes huge amount of time (and it somehow is not as fun as it used to be, *sigh*) but I realise I really need them. I'll just do colourful stickmen all over my interface just to help me visualising things down. 😤

28 January: (1641) Chika & Julien / illustration

This is the final version of Chika & Julien doodle I did last week. I coloured it lightly here!

29 January: Illa Café Dev Notes 39

A celebratory post about finishing the initial writing and scripting of entirety of volume 1. Finally!

30 January: (1643) Bell & Haru / doodle

A small doodle of my couple OC Bell & Haru. It is slightly NSFW.

31 January: (1644) Chika / doodle

I began my research doodles for Illa Café... This has lots of Chika doodles.

01 January: (1645) Sumi / doodle

These are some Sumi doodles! I planned her appearances and gave her cute winter outfits.

02 January: (1646) Lulu / doodle

These are some Lulu doodles for her planned outfits — with an extra doodle since it happens to be her canon birthday! Happy Lulu Day! 🎂

This week I haven't been doing any new learning or skill level-up ⬆️ on YouTube, but I've been reading quite some topics on RenPy Documentation. There are a few concepts I would really like to implement in Illa Café such as layered images and interactive sprites (at least, look-a-like interacting sprites). I watched the new RenPy features that RenpyTom introduced on VN;Conf YouTube earlier this week, and they seem really, really interesting! 😲 I like the save file sync, it caught my attention! The speech bubble also looks super fun, but I don't think Illa Café will use it since I've planned that Illa Café will use mostly ADV with some occasional NVL. Perhaps, on future VNs...

I think that's all for this week. Thank you for everyone who joins me here in Behind the Scenes. Let's do our best next week as well! 🧡
- Konayachi