Weekly Summary 2023/03

Weekly Summary 2023/03

Hello everyone! How are you doing?

This is the third weekly summary post for this year. 😊 I picked up the pace again this week and started a new illustration. It is also the first Lena illustration of the year! ✨🌸

14 January: (1627) Ponytail / doodle

It is a refreshing doodle page focusing on various kind of ponytails for my characters.

15 January: Illa Café Dev Notes 37

Illa Café weekly dev notes report! Since last week I wasn't productive, it is embarrassing to write here that I only progressed one chapter from the previous week. Even Kitty is nervous-sweating... 💦🙇‍♂️ here I wrote about chapter 12 and my struggle in writing it.

16 January: (1629) Lena / sketch, greyscale

New week, new illustration! It is also Lena's first illustration for the year. I wrote about a challenge I imposed myself in this illustration for the sake of pushing boundaries and working with my limits.

17 January: (1630) Lena / illustration, wip

The progress for Lena illustration so far. I coloured her in an unconventional way, it is both difficult and fun.

A small illustration of a lovely new cookie in Cookie Run Ovenbreak: Coffee Candy Cookie! 🧡☕

19 January: (1632) Lena / illustration

I finished the Lena illustration! I talked about my progress in finishing this illustration, showed some layers structure for colouring her and also with the timelapse video included.

I drew things that made me happy and with my pace returned after a break, inspirations and urge-to-draw also return. Thanks to Lena's character design and concept, she allows me to experiment with new ways of colouring. I drew mostly with a opacity brush where I build in brush strokes to make more opaque colours. This method allows me to worry less about colours and focus more in value, especially during greyscale sculpting.

It is overall a very fun week, art-wise. I hope to work my best going forward.

Thank you for everyone who joins me here in Behind the Scenes. Let's do our best next week as well! 🧡
- Konayachi