Hello Behind the Scenes!

Hello Behind the Scenes!
Behind the Scenes by Konayachi

Welcome to Behind the Scenes. This is a place where you can see the archive of my daily posts.

I've been doing daily posts since 2018 in various platforms, and starting from 2023 I will do it here independently. ✨

You're welcomed to join Behind the Scenes, on either tiers as you feel like. I hope you will have fun seeing things I'm making and at the same time supporting me in making more of art things that I really love doing.

In addition to many art posts: illustration, doodles, sketches and others — I will also be talking about my current projects exclusively. At the moment I'm doing a kinetic visual novel called Illa Café, and occasional mini comics every now and then. These exclusive posts won't be public elsewhere so here is the only place you will see them at their raw states, behind the scenes.

I'm so excited for this platform and I'm so looking forward to fill this website with lots of posts about what I'm working on behind the scenes. 😉

Thank you for reading! Happy new 🐰 year and see you!
- Konayachi