(2164) Chika merong v2 ✨

(2164) Chika merong v2 ✨

I finished a quick illustration of playful Chika:

She's a very bubbly and cute character, I want to do a lot of things for her!! She should smell like strawberry, honey, and lemon juice!! (I love this dessert combi hehehe~)

At the moment I'm thinking to use her as the lab rat of my experimental VN mechanics, and if I'm able to finish write+code everything within the O2A2 2024 VN Jam period which starts tomorrow, I'll whip a quick Chika art to complement it and at the same time publish my second bite-sized VN!!

If I fail to finish my experimental mechanic, though, I'll move on hahaha. 💦

See you!
- Konayachi