(2155) Pippa teehee ✨

(2155) Pippa teehee ✨

Here is my latest Pippa illustration:

I think it turns out really, really cute!! She's so happy and fluffy!! ☺️

I'll test-drive this illustration as my new banner for now since I adore the colour and the vibe it has, though it's a bit hard to find the best part to crop. I didn't draw this with banner in mind. (Nevermind, it doesn't look very nice sadly.)

Sketch, lineart and timelapse video can be seen in these posts: (2153, 2154, 2155)

Oooh by the way, this is her illustration from last year (1700):

Aaah!! I really love how I did her dress here!! >///< I should have done similar thing, but the current illustration of Pippa didn't have much dress showcase so I focused more on the elements and patterns.

The colours on the newer one are more bold and vivid as well. I'm loving it!!

See you!
- Konayachi