(2146) Art vs Artist 2024

(2146) Art vs Artist 2024

(Written on 18 June 2024)

I came across my old Art vs Artist graphic I made for Twitter in 2021:

so I think, hmm, can I refresh this with my 2024 art?

I could barely do it:

I'm sad to look at how little art I made this year, and it's the middle of the year already aaa! ;A;)

Um, well, to be fair, I was away for some months with no chance of creating and so, so many things that I needed to take care of simultaneously. It's alright and I'm not complaining, I just want to keep my daily posts BTS commitment and it's been a challenge this year hahaha. It's still fun!

p.s. I miss my Toto 🐰 I'll make a VN dedicated for you! ;-; Please look forward to it!

See you!
- Konayachi