(2054) Kitty Bottle!

A new bottle I recently got! It has Kitty! ^~^

(2054) Kitty Bottle!

(Written on 18 March 2024)

A few days ago I received a new drinking bottle: Kitty Bottle!

I was in a need of new bottle water because nowadays I only want to drink warm, slightly hot water. My old water bottles are inconvenient: one is glass-based and it doesn't retain temperature at all, the other one is plastic-based (same problem) and it was the one who killed my camera last year as the cap just opened inside my bag.

Searching for this bottle in supermarkets were hard, none really sold them. So I took a different method: I searched on a printing company that offers bottle customisation, and bought this bottle from them. Since it has printing options, it's a chance to make my things cute! I looked for some old Kitty art, uploaded it, and bought this bottle.

It arrived a few days earlier than predicted, and the bottle was so shiny and nice!

The printing was very surprising. I expected smooth printing, but it was actually textured. I thought it was just stickers that they slapped on the bottle, fortunately it wasn't the case. After a few days of usage with daily wash, it looks like the print is quite sturdy so far.

I'll look into using this bottle daily for the next few months to see if the print quality stays. I'll report back in, um, 6 months from today? I'll set a reminder to get back to you!

Why did I choose green? I honestly cannot remember hahaha. A white one probably would be better. I think I chose green because it's such a rare colour, I like my things rare and weird. ^q^);

A short video preview:


My drink is now always warm! Yay!

See you!
- Konayachi