(2052) Joyful Bell coloured ✨

A small, fun illustration of Bell which started from a pencil sketch!

(2052) Joyful Bell coloured ✨

(Written on 18 March 2024)

I coloured the pencil sketch of Bell from a few days ago digitally. It was so fun! ✨

Working with textures is a challenge by its own, but I tried to colour this with the mindset of "I don't want to think much, I just want to have fun~" so I did.

A closer look:

It looks so creamy! ^~^
(I don't know how to explain that term...)

The original, raw scan:

It's really fun to compare both versions. Working on this took me a few days, but it was fun nevertheless. I'll be making more of this raw pencil sketch scan and digitally coloured it! Yay!

Real time process, some techniques, hi-res + alt version: 2050, 2051, 2052

See you!
- Konayachi