(2049) Starting a new sketchbook!

A quick look at my new shiny sketchbook. It's very exciting!

(2049) Starting a new sketchbook!

(Written on 17th March 2024)

I started a new sketchbook! I got this a few months ago for around 4€. It's a hard cover one, so I feel like it's a bit more fancy than the flimsy sketchbook I've been using (around 0.60€).

It's plain, so I kind of wanted to make it a little bit colourful. I put sleeping Kitty on the cover. I want to slap lots of cute stickers I got from anime conventions, but I'm too afraid haha. I'll do it slowly...

It has pencil/pen loop which I put my pencil on, with looping rubber to hold on the book. Standard sketchbook features.

Marking the first inner page with the date I started this sketchbook.

So, I usually sketch things with pen (as seen in past posts), but why do I decide to sketch with pencil in this sketchbook?

First, I'm afraid to spoil it hahaha. I'm pretty sure I'll get over this after a few weeks though. Second, I want to refine and improve the sketches digitally, so these pencil sketches will serve as the first rough sketches – it being loose and thin would do well as the base to be improved in my laptop.

I've sketched a few pages for a few days worth of posts! ✨ I'll share them here, the original scan and the digitally touched version. Yay!

Here's a short recording of me touching up the sketch I did! ^^


This sketchbook would do me well while I'm away from my work desk for the next two months. ^^ More in this will be written in an announcement post I'll write at the end of this month.

See you!
- Konayachi