2023 Art Goals

2023 Art Goals

Hello everyone! How are you doing? 😀

I did this last year and it was fun to forget about it and only pick it up on the last day of the year, so I will do this again this year. This won't be shoved in front of my face everyday, reminding me to work on these goals. This is more for a "map" that the current me wants, and I will go with the flow and see how it goes.

I write 5 things that I really want the most, and in this particular list I'm fully focusing on my personal relation with making art.

Let's break it down a little bit:

Illa Café soft publish!

I'm calling it "soft" because I'm not the kind that goes well with ambitious resolutions (looking back in the past 10 years of making this kind of resolutions haha). I will consider soft as in, I'm already showing some people the playable build - not necessarily the final build, but a solid, playable build before it goes gold.

I'm not closing the possibility that it can go gold this year, though! I would be so excited waku waku! 🤩

A new mini comic!

This is an interesting goal, because while I'm not expecting to fulfill this (if it is the price to pay for making Illa Café gold), it is a good back-up project just in case I get a bad burn-out on Illa Café.

As much as how unorganised I am at things (and I prefer it that way), I like to make sure I have rough back-up plans. This helps me to stay afloat and not feeling lost in life. 😀

8 pieces of illustration that I'm happy with!

The way I see this, I would like to at least work on actual one fully rendered illustration a month. I tried to do this last year, but I don't think I have 8 that I'm fully happy with even when I finished way more than 8 full illustration.

This year, I want to put more time on fully rendered illustration, stay on it and push my limit for as far as I can. I hope this restriction helps me to be able to improve my skills in art.

Also, more nice full illustration would be a nice material for my portfolio page and twitter banner. 😆

Leisurely draw proper male figures.

I have an early start in this last month. I've truly enjoyed drawing Julien and Ted as my practices and while they are still really stiff, I would love to make them more fluid and flow nicely. Poor their muscles, I hope I can make them more flexible and nicely stretched this year!

More solid personal art style.

I may or may not have my own personal style. I have lots of exploration last year in art style - with both things I liked and disliked. This year, I hope to hone the part of the style that I like, and to trim the ones that I dislike. With this, hopefully there come a time where I can recognise my own art style in the sea of other amazing art styles.

I think five points are plenty enough for me to project this year's activities. I won't visit this list anymore (more like I will forget about it) until the last day of this year, and when the day comes, let's look back here and see how this list vs the reality compare, shall we? 😆

That's all for today. Thank you for reading and see you tomorrow!
- Konayachi